School of Healing Prayer

School of Healing Prayer

School Of Healing Prayer

The Christian Healing Center organization began forming in 2007 when we started training prayer ministers using The School of Healing Prayer. This School uses the videos and manuals from Francis and Judith McNutt's Christian Healing Ministries (CHM) located in Jacksonville Florida. CHM was founded in 1981. Their ministry is over 30 years old and they inspire others to Pray for healing. They teach us to: Listen, Love and Pray. The emphasis is on LOVE.

We teach all three levels of the School of Healing Prayer during the year. The cost is only $125 per level (A huge discount over the classes in Jacksonville!) (The Jacksonville office charges $325). Please email us at for information or you may sign up for our classes below..

We welcome inquiries about the School of Healing Prayer. If you have a caring and compassionate heart and would like to learn how to pray more effectively using God's word, please contact us at (386) 679-9239.

We are currently in need of prayer ministers! Discover how to become a prayer minister with the Christian Healing Center in Ormond Beach, FL by calling us at 386-679-9239 today!


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Level II - Wednesday, January 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st, 2017

(Each Weds @ 9am-4:30pm)

Location: Christian Healing Center - 1028 U.S. 1 - Ormond Beach, FL

Level II leads prayer ministers through an in-depth understanding of specific issues in the healing ministry and teaches the student how to be an effective prayer minister.

You Will Learn:

  • What Is Spiritual Abuse
  • Biblical and Historical Foundations for Healing
  • Healing in Marriage
  • Healing the Wounds of Divorce
  • Intimacy and Identity
  • Praying for Depression
  • Conception to Birth
  • Gifts of The Holy Spirit
  • Baptism in The Holy Spirit
  • Hearing God

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