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365 Day Devotional By Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray’s Daily Devotional contains uplifting messages for each day of the year. It will bring comfort and refresh you in your walk with God. Spending time with God daily will bring a new joy and peace into your life. Daily explore these truths from Andrew Murray and you will connect with God’s glorious power. This will help turn your impossibilities into realities. Your prayer life will be transformed. Because of this, you will experience the joy of seeing powerful results in your life as you minister to others. Don’t miss out on the most important part of the day. Its a buffet of the miraculous, life-changing moments spent with the Creator. As a young man, Andrew Murray wanted to be a minister, but it was a career choice rather than an act of faith. Not until he had finished his general studies and begun his theological training, did he experience a conversion of heart. In a letter to his parents, Murray wrote, “Your son has been born again. … I have cast myself on Christ.” This “casting of the self” became Murray’s life theme. Sixty years of ministry in the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa, more than 200 books and tracts on Christian spirituality and ministry, extensive social work, and the founding of educational institutions—all these were outward signs of the inward grace that Murray experienced by continually casting himself on Christ. Murray wrote to interpret the Scriptures in such a way that Christians were free to believe and experience the grace of God. He believed that God had done everything necessary for people to live rich, productive, meaningful lives that participate in the life of God. The obstacles to such lives included half-hearted surrender to God, a lack of confidence in the anointing of the Spirit. A deep-rooted skepticism about the power of prayer is the biggest obstacle. Get your discounted copy today! Your purchase helps support the healing ministry of the Christian Healing Center.

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