How To Start A Healing Center


Learn how to start your own Christian Healing Center from Daniel Murray’s practical experience. This manual will take you through the steps you will need to start your own healing center in your city or start many in the cities around you. Daniel shows you how he started 3 of these centers in central and south Florida and the process it takes and what to avoid. This manual is a valuable asset to those who want to start a healing center. Discover the inner workings and how to administer healing to people, how set up your own office of healing for Jesus. He even gives you valuable tips and insights that comes from years of practical experience in starting and operation of a healing center. This manual is a must have for those in the healing ministry to assist you and preparing you to setup, run and maintain a your own place for God’s healing. There are many things to avoid when praying for people to receive healing. Daniel walks you through the process so you can avoid the traps and temptations of the devil to do it your own way.